Samuel Adams Boston Ale

Samuel Adams Boston Ale United States  Massachusetts English Pale Ale
Product ID: 00176
Region: United States, Massachusetts
Type: English Pale Ale
Size: 12oz
IBU: 34
ABV%: 5.4

"When we opened our Boston Brewery in 1988, we created a special brew, Boston Ale, to mark the occasion. A 'stock' ale with a distinctly American character, we use earthy English hops along with the sweetness of caramel malts, and ferment it as an ale and aged at cool temperatures." —brewer
"Deep amber copper color. Aromas of chocolate covered orange peels and toasted herb biscuit with a crisp, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a supple honey roasted nut, pepper, and arugula finish. Deliciously refreshing." —Beverage Testing Institute

Gold, 2013 World Beer Championships
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Fuller's London Pride

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