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Samuel Adams Cream Stout United States  Massachusetts Stout  Milk / Sweet Stout 18585 12047 12oz
Product ID: 18585
Region: United States, Massachusetts
Type: Stout, Milk / Sweet Stout
Size: 12oz
IBU: 28
ABV%: 4.9

"Inspired by the traditional English sweet stouts, this rich and creamy brew is full of deep roasted character, with a subtle sweetness and indulgently smooth finish." —brewer
"Appearance: Huge dense rocky tan head, this brew clings all over the inside of the glass. Proper stout black colour.

"Smell: Creamy aroma filled with roasted coffee, soft charcoal, and unsweetened chocolate. A very complexly layered aroma to say the least.

"Taste & Mouthfeel: Quick shot of smoothness then a creamy moderate body slides in. Soft roasted malt flavours give off faint charcoal and dark chocolate tones. Hops are in there to help balance the sweetness of the underlying pale malt. Nice bitter bite from the hops and burnt malt, roasted flavours linger lightly and broad on the tongue for a long time.

"Drinkability & Notes: Easy to quaff, by far one of my top stouts as I seem to have it around a lot. Also the fresh batches seem to have a bit more of a bite to them, try and find bottle of this when it is at its ripe point where the month is notched on the side … seems to be a bit more mellow." —Jason Alström, BeerAdvocate

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