Hofbrau Maibock

Hofbrau Maibock Germany Maibock / Helles Bock
Product ID: 20165
Region: Germany
Type: Maibock / Helles Bock
Size: 11.2OZ
ABV%: 7.2


"By tradition, the first barrel of Maibock is tapped at the Hofbräuhaus in the last week of April, in time for the merry month of May. The success story of Munich's oldest bock beer goes back as far as 1614. Hofbräu Maibock has the longest pedigree of all Munich's Bocks. Its aromatic flavor and alcoholic content of approximately 7.2% by volume makes it one of the best creations from Hofbräu's brewing kettles. Hofbräu Maibock marks one of the high points in the beer-lover's calendar!" —brewer
"Pure copper color. Layered aromas of fresh baguette, toasted nuts, and earth follow through on the dryish, frothy medium-to-full body. The finish is long and perfectly balanced with a seamless marriage of nutty bready malt and noble hops. A fantastic maibock." —Beverage Testing Institute

"Appearance: Foamy head at the start, thin wispy lace afterwards on top of a sunset-red-color brew.

"Smell: Honey and grassy of malt and hops, sweet bread comes to mind, thick aroma with some hints of alcohol also.

"Taste: Medium-bodied with a light carbonation. Grassy at first with a wild hop and malt mix, hints of very mild fruit and honey come next. Maltiness goes a touch nutty with a slight dextrin character. Malt sweetness is bigger than it actually looks but is modest in character as the hops and alcohol set down on the taste buds. Finishes sweet but still draws on the hops and some toasted grain flavor in the finish.

"Notes: This is one yummy Maibock, a ton of flavor packed into each sip." —Jason Alström, BeerAdvocate

Gold, 2012 World Beer Championships
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