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Weyerbacher Insanity

Weyerbacher Insanity United States  Pennsylvania English Barleywine
Product ID: 22378
Region: United States, Pennsylvania
Type: English Barleywine
Size: 12oz
IBU: 34
ABV%: 11.1

"The barrel aging imparts an additional level of complexity to an already intense malt profile by adding a combination of vanilla, oak and whiskey notes." —brewer
"Slightly hazy brown with bright orange and ruby hues, crowned with a tan cream head that settles into a thin ringed lace.
Surprisingly subtle in the aroma, not as big as I expected. Raw hop leaf and wood aromas, some alcohol spice, and a soft fruity / malty sweetness. Light fruity esters and fusels hit the eyes, watering them slightly, and reminding you that this is not a beer to be underestimated.
Full and even in the body. Flavors are deeply complex, with plenty of bourbon nuances. Raw leaf, chocolate powder, aggressive spicy alcohol, burnt caramel, sugary sweet backbone, deep vanilla, oaky wood, dark juicy ripe fruits, slight vinous port-like character beneath, some chalkiness on the palate, and a touch of date sugar.
Recommendation: allow to warm to room temperature and enjoy in a wide-bowled snifter. This will allow all of the malt and wood complexities to really pull through, as well as enhance the alcohol presence." —Todd Alström, BeerAdvocate
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