Ciroc Ten Vodka

Ciroc Ten Vodka France Vodka
Product ID: 25951
Region: France
Type: Vodka
Size: 1000ml
ABV%: 40.0
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"Cîroc Ten is a limited edition, ultra-premium brand extension from Cîroc Vodka. Cîroc Ten is made using a blend of fine French grapes, including the first harvest grapes of 2013 vintage, which are said by vintners to be the crispest of the harvest. Cîroc Ten is the latest ultra-premium brand extension from an already super-premium vodka, and follows the likes of Grey Goose VX, elit by Stolichnaya, and Absolut Elyx." —producer
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Beluga Gold Line Vodka

Beluga Gold Line Vodka Russia Vodka
Product ID: 21534
Region: Russia
Type: Vodka
Size: 1750ml

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