Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale

Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale United States  Ohio American Pale Ale
Product ID: 20277
Region: United States, Ohio
Type: American Pale Ale
Size: 12oz
IBU: 45
ABV%: 6.0


"A toast to the Cuyahoga River Fire! For sparking both a new era of environmentalism and this brazenly hoppy Pale Ale. Sometimes, one wrong makes two very right rights." —brewer
"Bright and clear golden-amber color; good showing of the head retention, and it stands three fingers high. Hints of caramel and flowery hop in the nose. Slick and chewy medium body. Bitty smoothness lets the grain and hop bitterness roll around on the taste buds first. Biscuity malt and a spicy, orangey hop bitterness and flavor battle it out. Hey now, these hops are at work here. Clean palate with only a quick flash of fruitiness from the alcohol. A little dry in the finish with a long trail of hop flavor. Without a doubt, this beer displays its American Pale Ale traits; it's balanced, yet with the hops, always up front. Surpassing the benchmark is our conclusion. Proof that a Mid-American brewery can well hop a Pale Ale like the rest of them. Good use of Cascade hops!" —BeerAdvocate Magazine

"Clear amber color. Bright, toasty, herbal aromas of herb bread and marmalade with a soft, crisp, effervescent, fruity medium body and a tingling, delightful, very long grapefruit custard, radicchio, and pepper finish. A vibrantly flavorful and finely balanced pale ale." —Beverage Testing Institute
Number of Ratings: 0

Einstok Pale Ale

Einstok Pale Ale Iceland American Pale Ale
Product ID: 23687
Region: Iceland
Type: American Pale Ale
Size: 11.2OZ