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Brooklyn Tripel Burner

Brooklyn Tripel Burner United States  New York Tripel
Product ID: 28957
Region: United States, New York
Type: Tripel
Size: 25.4oz
ABV%: 10.6

"Take a sip. Do you feel it? A certain warmth, a dry palate opening onto a fleeting impression of sweetness, a rush of figs, a touch of vanilla, a whisper of mint, a transportation of the mind? Poured into a proper glass, among friends, family or other good people, Tripel Burner can bring all the elements of the situation together. Relax and allow the energy to flow between you, your people, the music, the lights, the food. Good. You have arrived. Mind you, we are not claiming that Tripel Burner binds the universe together. That would be preposterous. Wouldn’t it?" —brewer
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Kasteel Trignac XII Tripel

Kasteel Trignac XII Tripel Belgium Tripel
Product ID: 30709
Region: Belgium
Type: Tripel
Size: 25.4oz

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