Martell Blue Swift V.S.O.P. Cognac

"We can admire an elegant coppery color with golden glints. At first notice, gourmet aromas such as banana and caramelized pears are present. Then a subtle sweetness appears, and notes of vanilla & coconut mixed with spicy and menthol are revealed. It is soft, round and gourmand on the palate. The taste is deep with fresh notes of ginger and white candied fruits such as plum. The finish is ample and smooth, with hints of long toasted oak from Kentucky Bourbon casks. Martell Blue Swift is a new eau-de-vie de vin made with Cognac VSOP finished in Bourbon casks to enjoy on its own, over ice, lengthened with a mixer or as a cocktail." —producer
Manufacturer: Martell
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Products specifications
Country France
Size 375ML
Liquor Types Cognac
Proof 80.0