Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

"Bottled exclusively from a dumping of 200 barrels or less, the brand carries the name of the Rev. Elijah Craig, the man who discovered the method of making true Kentucky Bourbon when he stored his wares in barrels that had been charred in a fire. About as complete a Bourbon aroma as you are likely to find...near miraculous: one of the most beautiful noses found anywhere in the world today. A bourbon to keep in the mouth forever. Perhaps one of my favorite five or six bourbons and perhaps at its best just before bed. Brilliant." —producer
Manufacturer: Elijah Craig
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"Deep color, medium-to-heavy feel. Strong, sweet fragrance with wood and spice tones. Butterscotch candy flavors, so strong I almost hear cellophane unwrapping, are echoed by some oak, caramel and vanilla. Smooth, not too much alcohol fire. Mellow, long finish with a touch of herbal and anise notes." —Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Products specifications
Country United States
Size 375ML
Region Kentucky
Wine Enthusiast 95
Liquor Types Bourbon
Liquor Types Whiskey
Proof 94.0