Belvedere Vodka Laolu Limited Edition

"Belvedere Vodka has partnered with celebrated visual artist, musician, and activist Laolu Senbanjo to create a striking limited edition bottle. With an artistic vision to reveal the beauty within each of his subjects, Senbanjo’s design brings to life his interpretation of the complexity, nuance and character of the Belvedere liquid. Senbanjo has applied his mantra, “Everything is My Canvas,” to mural designs, fashion partnerships, live art events and installations, and now to the new limited edition Belvedere Vodka bottle. The bottle features a flowing design with sharp edges that represent the water and rye working together to produce dimension and taste." —producer
Manufacturer: Belvedere Vodka
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Products specifications
Country Poland
Size 1.75L
Liquor Types Vodka
Proof 80.0
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