Sovetskoe Zolotoe Semi-Dry

"White sparkling wine produced and bottled in the traditional champagne method. The finest grapes are used in the process to ensure flavorful taste - fruity, velvety and crisp for a fully satisfying drink experience." -winemaker
Manufacturer: Sovetskoe
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Products specifications
Country Belarus
Size 750ML
Wine Types Sparkling Wine
Wine Types White Wine
ABV% 99.00
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"Saperavi is the grape variety that has made Georgian wines famous around the globe. It is the darkest grape variety in the world according to wine historians. This is 100% Saperavi in its pure state, exemplifying the delicious variety used in many of other Dozortsev estate-bottled wines from the Republic of Georgia. Exhibiting a very dark rich ruby color, this wine reveals aromas of mint on the nose with subtle scents of rich fruit. Velvety but strong on the palate with an abundance of fruit and tannins. Complements all meat dishes. " —winemaker
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"Tsinandali is the pride and joy of Georgian winemakers. It is by far the national favorite. This high-quality wine is aged for three years in oak barrels, maturing in the cellars of the Tsinandali winery. A very popular wine amongst the Dozortsev line of wines. It has been awarded ten gold and nine silver medals at international wine competitions. Produced in the Kvareli district of Kakheti, this wine is a perfect blend of the Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grape varieties. With a pale straw color and a delicate fruity aroma, Tsinandali exhibits mild, smooth fruity flavors. Very pleasant and drinkable. Goes well with fish, mushrooms, and cheese." —winemaker
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Dozortsev Collection Mukuzani

"Mukuzani is the most famous dry red wine from the Republic of Georgia. It is aged at least three years in French oak barrels. Mukuzani has won eight gold, four silver, and one bronze medal at international competitions. From the Mukuzani district in Kakheti, this 100%-Saperavi wine exhibits a dark, rich, red ruby color. The nose reveals a pleasant fruitiness with wood tones and spice. It has a silky texture on the palate and shows complex fresh fruit flavors, oak, and light earthiness. Complements roasts, game, and grilled meat." —winemaker
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"A naturally semi-sweet red wine made, like many of the other Dozortsev estate-bottled wines, from the Saperavi grape variety. Akhasheni is what you find in a typical Georgian home. Produced since 1958, Akhasheni has been awarded six gold and five silver medals at international wine exhibitions. This 100%-Saperavi wine bears the Akhasheni appellation of the Gurdzhanni district of Kakheti, Georgia. Showing a dark pomegranate color, the wine bears a pleasant fruitiness and light spice on the nose. Harmonious velvety taste with slight chocolate flavor. Complements red meat, venison, and lamb dishes." —winemaker
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