Beluga Noble Russian Vodka

"The uniquely soft and harmonious non-burning flavor and sweet aftertaste give Beluga vodka a malt spirit. Artesian water, which is part of the composition of Beluga, undergoes double filtration through quartz sand and a silver filter, which guarantees exceptional purity, and a natural, unique taste. The elegant bottle was specially designed by designers from an old French cognac house. For the duration of a month Beluga undergoes filtration, polishing, and maturity. It 'calms down' and 'rests' at every phase, acquiring an immaculate taste. The production process of Beluga vodka includes a period of 'rest' for 30 days, when the molecular components gain a finished and stable structure, resulting in Beluga's unique velvet taste and that typical vodka aroma with a hint of fresh malt.

"Apart from the special malt spirit and purest artesian water, Beluga vodka also contains ingredients such as honey, oat extract, and Silybum marianum extract. The height of the coal column is 10.5 meters, where only birch charcoal is used. It is made using more ancient methods: the brewing occurs with the help of natural ferments without adding synthetic components.

"The uniqueness of Beluga is also in the fact that vodka is something to be enjoyed. Professional tasters notice the rich taste, pleasant aroma, and the deep, balanced aftertaste. The small fish on the label is a symbol of the purity of nature, elaborately preserved by the hands of true masters." —producer
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Country Russia
Size 750ML
Liquor Types Vodka
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