Cachaca 51

"Cachaça 51 from Brazil is a liquor made from distilled sugar cane juice. While rum is distilled from molasses, cachaça is distilled directly from the juice of the unrefined sugar cane. Prior to distillation, the juice ferments in a wood or copper container for three weeks and is then boiled down three times to a concentrate. Cachaça is always distilled in such a way that the scent of sugar cane and inimitable flavor typical of rum are retained." —producer
Manufacturer: Pirassununga
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"Lauded by the producer as 'Brazil's best selling cachaça,' this easy-drinking cachaça surely would blend wonderfully with lime into caipirinhas and other cocktails. Look for a clean aroma and sweet, minty flavors that finish herbal and grassy, plus a substantial, oily feel." —Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Products specifications
Country Brazil
Size 1L
Wine Enthusiast 90
Liquor Types Cachaca
Proof 80.0