Boulard VSOP Calvados

"Boulard Calvados is the first name in super-premium Calvados, the celebrated apple-based spirit unique to the Normandy region of France. Boulard Calvados VSOP is a Calvados from Pays d'Auge. It is crafted from ciders which are produced in the geographical area of Pays d'Auge, which is included in the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Calvados zone. Calvados Boulard VSOP is issued of blendings of different Calvados Pays d'Auge from 4 to 10 years old. They will stay in the casks for the necessary time to obtain a perfect blend. Gold amber colour. Rich fruity nose with a light woody touch, toasted nut notes and hint of brioche. On the palate, well-balanced harmony between vanilla, wood and ripe apple compote purée due to aging in small French oak casks. Velvet, elegant and delicate lingering finish, balancing fruit and vanilla." —producer
Manufacturer: Boulard
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"Made from as many as 120 different apple varieties, this burnished amber Calvados has a richness reminiscent of fine Cognac or Armagnac. The complex layers unfold to deliver vanilla, honey, almond, baked apple and dried apricot. The V.S.O.P. blends 4- and 10-year-old Calvados." —Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Products specifications
Country France
Size 750ML
Wine Enthusiast 92
Liquor Types Brandy
Proof 99.00