High West Distillery Campfire Whiskey

"The main flavor (or melody) is sweet honey from a ripe bourbon. The enhancing flavor (or harmony) is floral fruity spice from a mature rye whiskey. The accent (Satchmo's gravelly voice!) is the smoke from a peated scotch whisky. The proportions? Top secret. So...as the sun sinks low and the cold settles in, grab a bottle of Campfire Whiskey and gather round a blazing fire to warm up, wind down your day, share stories, and deepen friendships. One taste of this sweet, spicy and, yes...smoky whiskey, you'll know how it got its name. We like to enjoy Campfire Whiskey with s'mores…or good-looking strangers." —producer
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"I threw this in because this distillery in, of all places, Park City, Utah (better known for skiing than high quality spirits), is apparently a fascinating operation. They make a pre-blended Manhattan that is a killer, but the two whiskies I tried included their least expensive, Campfire. It is a silky smooth blend displaying hints of a Highland-like peatiness intermixed with sweet caramel, subtle wood smoke and spice box. The richness, full-bodied flavors and sweet versus spicy flavor profile make this an interesting, delicious sipper. It would be a shame to waste it over ice and mix it as a cocktail. By the way, I have not tasted it, but apparently at the distillery you can purchase their 12-, 16- or 21-year-old rye whiskies, which are hors classe for their category." —Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate
Products specifications
Country United States
Size 750ML
Region Utah
Robert Parker 91
Liquor Types Whiskey
Proof 92.0