Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon Liqueur

"Wild Turkey American Honey is an exceptionally smooth 71 proof (35.5% alcohol) liqueur blended with pure honey and real Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey. It's perfect straight out of the bottle, chilled in the freezer, or on the rocks. It's the sweeter, smoother side ofWild Turkey, with notes of sweet honey, caramel, and orange." —producer
Manufacturer: Wild Turkey
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"From the makers of Wild Turkey Bourbon, this lovely liqueur is honey-sweet at first sip, but it braces up with a whisper of alcohol. As the sweetness fades away, it leaves behind pretty honeysuckle and vanilla notes on the long finish. Enjoy this on the rocks or mixed." —Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Products specifications
Country United States
Size 1L
Region Kentucky
Wine Enthusiast 91
Liquor Types Bourbon
Liquor Types Liqueur / Cordial
Liquor Types Whiskey
Proof 71.0