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Off Collor Eeek!

"Brewed in collaboration with Miller High Life. Brewed with Pils Malt, Pale Malt and Light-stable Hop Extract. Fermented with a house blend of wild indigenous yeasts and acidifying bacteria." —brewer

Off Collor I'm Sorry Belgian Style Ale

"Belgian style ale brewed with flowers and rose hips. The aroma at first blush is a layered cloudburst of flowers, nectar, and white fruits offered in apology to the onslaught of flavors of peach, Juicy Fruit gum, and rose petals which quickly evaporates off the tongue leaving a delectable dry finish and sense of euphoria that comes with a return to the good graces of one’s stung love." —brewer

Pipeworks Chipotle Smoked Porter

"For those crazy enough to think our smoked porter needed something more, we give you Chipotle Smoked Porter. In addition to the already bold character from the smoked malts, we bring the heat with a healthy dose of chipotle peppers to take this rich porter to the next level. Recommended pairing with a giant hunk of smoked meat and a big ass bonfire on a cold night." —brewer

Pipeworks Lil Citra Session IPA (4 x 16oz cans)

"This new kung fu kitten doesn't give two nunchucks about whether or not The Unicorns and The Ninjas want her to enter the Epic Battlefield - she's here and ready to do battle! LiL Citra has been training to take on the hop heads of lore, and now she's finally ready and believes she CAN do it! LiL Citra is a very drinkable juicy IPA, and we are so happy to share it with you!" —brewer
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