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Chukar Dark Chocolate Vanilla Almonds

"Dry-roasted almonds sealed in dark chocolate with hints of pure vanilla. Pa Chukar's favorite." —producer
$3.99 $2.99 (Save $1.00)

Filthy Cocktail Onions

"Our luxurious silver-skinned pearl onions are hand selected for their shape and brilliant silver white color. This delicate, flavorful premium garnish is then bathed in our uniquely blended ‘Filthy’ brine making it the perfect partner for a Filthy Gibson." —producer

Olli Salumeria Organic Molisana Pepper and Garlic Salami

"Molisana is a robust salami flavored with whole black peppercorn and garlic – it’s the quintessential, Italian salami that you would find in Molise. It has a memorable, classic salami taste that embodies all that we love about this cured meat. Made with certified USDA organic pork." -Producer

Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters

"Organic-toasted cacao nibs bring this blend to life and, with just a hint of spice and oak, imparts the essence of chocolate into any drink. Truly a necessity in any well- stocked bar." - producer

Shrub & Co Cranberry Shrub Mix

"This shrub is a true labor of love from start to finish. The Douglas Fir was foraged by our friends at the The Living Wild Project. We’re inspired by their desire to “to deepen our relationship with the land we inhabit—shifting how we eat, garden, and heal through the sustainable use of local, native plants.”" —producer
$22.99 $15.99 (Save $7.00)

Stirrings Apple Martini Mix

"We could be talking about our Apple Martini, or those who drink it. Either way, this is a cocktail unrivaled in its flexibility and urban sophistication. We've made it even better by being the first to use real juice and cane sugar. Even before your lips touch the glass you'll realize that, actually, it is easy being green. Pleasantly so." —producer

Stirrings Blood Orange Mix

"Sweet like strawberry. Tart like citrus. Color like nothing else in nature. The blood orange elevates ordinary cocktails and turns them into a fireworks display for your eyes, nose, and mouth. Distinctive and out-of-the-ordinary, this mixer is an easy way to take cosmos, daiquiris and champagne cocktails to a higher level of Wow." —producer

Stirrings Bloody Mary Mix

"Invented in the 1920s at Harry’s Bar in Paris, the Bloody Mary was an overnight sensation. Garnishes range from celery, carrots and lemon wedges to olives, cheese, cold cuts, and even shrimp. But no matter what you put around the rim of the glass, you can't go wrong with what's in it when you pour ours." —producer

Stirrings Cosmopolitan Mix

"Luckily, we use our Cosmo powers for good by combining bright cranberry juice and Key limes in the perfect proportion. So easy and delicious, they could quickly become the drink you're famous for – whether that's sipping, serving, or both." —producer

Stirrings Margarita Mix

"How many times have you heard someone claim that they make the definitive, best, most delicious Margarita ever? The truth is, great margaritas only come from using the best ingredients. That's why we use real lime juice and pure cane sugar, perfectly balanced with triple sec. It's a recipe we spent a whole lot of time on, so that you could make the same claim." —producer

Stirrings Mojito Mix

"This effervescent cocktail was inspired by Havana's vibrant lifestyle in the 1920s. While Hemingway's Cuba is long gone, its spirit lives on in this sweet, sparkling blend of muddled mint, cane sugar, and lime juice. It's extremely versatile too. Mix it with rum for Southsides and Bootleggers, with bourbon for Mint Juleps, or with Savannah Tea for iced tea." —producer

Stirrings Peach Bellini Mix

"Originally created at the famed Harry's Bar in Venice, the Bellini has long greeted guests coming off the Grand Canal with its refreshing tasting blend of white peach purée and Prosecco (Italian sparkling white wine). The sparkling Champagne cocktail, named after the Italian Renaissance artist Bellini, was made using regional peaches shipped in once a year during the harvest. It took us 6 months, but we found a small grove of white peaches, sorted and picked the fruit, and bottled this purée for our unique Bellini blend." —producer