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Artikaas Dutch Classic Creamy Gouda

"Young Gouda aged four weeks. Mild taste with a soft texture. Cube it for salads, slice it for sandwiches, or cut it for snacking with grapes and apples!" —producer

Artikaas Smoked Gouda

"Pasteurized processed cheese with a rich, smoky beechwood flavor. Features a mild, creamy taste with a smooth texture. Slice it for sandwiches or melt on apple pie!" —producer

Belaria Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"Agricola Belaria’s extra virgin olive oil is a top-notch oil produced from olives with organic integrated systems that guarantee high quality standards. It has a light and balanced taste and a distinctive and intense olive aroma well-blended with vegetables, fruit and grass scents." —producer

Bell Italia Torino Breadticks

"Crunchy thin wheat breadsticks made with extra virgin olive oil in the Torino style." —producer
$2.49 $1.29 (Save $1.20)

Chacha Sunflower Seeds

"ChaCha selects only the largest and plumpest naturally grown sunflower seeds from their environmentally friendly Mongolian farm, and after steaming and roasting, stuffs them with traditional herbal flavor. The crispy tasty seeds for sure will bring you happiness with their deliciousness!" —producer

Chukar Dark Chocolate Vanilla Almonds

"Dry-roasted almonds sealed in dark chocolate with hints of pure vanilla. Pa Chukar's favorite." —producer
$3.99 $2.99 (Save $1.00)

Columbus Calabrese Salame

"Don't worry. While our calabrese will wow you with flavor, it won't leave you gasping for air. A taste from the southern tip of Italy, it is zesty with paprika and peppers. Slowly air-dried, it is ideal as a topping on pizza or as a rambunctious partner to mozzarella. In a convenient grab and go (10oz) size that you can slice at home or bring to a picnic." —producer

Columbus Italian Dry Salame

"Using a complement of spices, full-bodied wine and select cuts of pork, our Italian Dry Salame brings out the richness and aroma unique to this slow-cured specialty meat. It is an Italian classic with a San Francisco twist. There's no limit to how you can enjoy it -in an antipasto, chopped into a salad, piled on a sandwich, popped straight into your mouth. Delicious. In a convenient grab and go (10oz) size that you can slice at home or bring to a picnic" —producer

Columbus Peppered Salame

"This country-style salame is mildly spiced, laced with wine and hand-rolled in freshly cracked peppercorns. Serve it as a traditional centerpiece for a picnic or as a highlight of a submarine sandwich. Anything goes. In a convenient grab and go (10oz) size that you can slice at home or bring to a picnic." —producer