Samuel Smith's Yorkshire Stingo

Samuel Smith's Yorkshire Stingo United Kingdom  England English Strong Ale
Product ID: 22039
Region: United Kingdom, England
Type: English Strong Ale
Size: 550ML
ABV%: 8.0
GTIN: 085725115437

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"Some of the oak casks at Samuel Smith’s date back more than a century with the individual oak staves being replaced by the Old Brewery coopers over the years. Gradually the casks soak in more & more of the character of the ale fermented in stone Yorkshire squares. Yorkshire Stingo is aged for at least a year, matured in these well-used oak casks in the brewery’s underground cellars deriving fruit, raisin, treacle toffee, Christmas pudding and slight oaky flavours, before being further naturally conditioned in bottle. LIMITED AVAILABILITY." —brewer
"Aged in old cask-conditioned ale barrels for over one year after fermentation in Yorkshire Squares, this beer has a subtle complexity for a less over-the-top woodiness and refined character than other oak-aged brews. The aromas are typical for an English old ale: sweet dark fruit, brown bread, caramel and oak, and the flavors are similarly intense with additional notes of dried dates, raisins and toffee. Medium weight with soft carbonation but exceptional balance, producing a sweet but not cloying drinking experience." —Lauren Buzzeo, Wine Enthusiast

"Whoa, Samuel Smith--one foot out of the box with a barrel-aged Strong Ale of towering alcoholic heights for its homeland.
Pours out a hazed twany liquid with a full three fingers of head. Thick aroma of brown bread, candied fruit, cake batter and a hint of ripe tropical fruit. Medium body is a little fluffy from the moderate-sized carbonation. Malt sweetness of caramel and Portuguese sweet bread tangles with an alcoholic warmth that resembles rum and dried papaya and passion fruit. Ghostlike buttery and yeasty tones go hand in hand with the cracker maltiness. Quick kick of wood tannin in the middle, then a little puckering dryness ensues. Alcohol stays on the breath but never becomes hot. Slightly dry finish lingers of wood and fruity alcohol.
A lovely creation here--kudos to Samuel Smith for making us beer geeks happy yet again. This is a yearly release so hunt this one down and cellar a bottle or two for the hell of it." —Alstrom Brothers, Beer Advocate
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