Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red

Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red United States  Massachusetts American Wild Ale
Product ID: 23311
Region: United States, Massachusetts
Type: American Wild Ale
Size: 25.4oz
ABV%: 9.0
GTIN: 087692134008

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"This unique brew builds from the inspiration of Flemish reds. It begins with an earthy sourness and hints of dark fruit but the tartness gives way to a rich maltiness and touch of toasted oak. These flavors are rounded and deepened by the barrel aging for a layered & alluring brew." —brewer
"The Stony Brook Red marries Sam Adams’s Kosmic Mother Funk, or KMF, with a strong red ale base that was fermented with a Belgian-style ale yeast, and is then aged in oak for more than six months. The result is a sexy, seductive selection that exhibits great balance and complexity. Fruity esters of tart cherry and red plum are peppered with earthy wood and oaky vanilla-spice accents. Medium carbonation and a distinct sour acidity keep the mouth fresh and lively, while the finish ends on an attractive dry note." —Lauren Buzzeo, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
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