Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout

Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout United Kingdom  England Stout  Russian Imperial Stout
Product ID: 24983
Region: United Kingdom, England
Type: Stout, Russian Imperial Stout
Size: 550ML
IBU: 35
ABV%: 7.0
GTIN: 085725115291


"This distinctive type of beer was originally brewed to withstand the abuses of shipping in foul weather to Imperial Russia. It was a favourite of Russian nobility whose taste for the finest food and drink was world famous. A rich flavourful brew; deep chocolate in colour with a roasted barley nose and flavour that is a complexity of malt, hops, alcohol and yeast. Fermented in 'stone Yorkshire squares.'" —brewer
"Appearance: Opaque black, so don't even bother trying to find a hint of light through the glass. The head is a huge, majestic, light coffee coloured float of creamy foam with no intention of dissipation as it ever so slowly clings on its retreat.

"Smell: Sweet nose of fruit (prunes), milk sugars, molasses, brownies, coffee and rum-like alcohol.

"Taste: Okay, where do I begin? I feel as if I am in the presence of the beergod itself. This is a rich, full to medium-bodied brew with a smooth, creamy, light mouthfeel. Roasted notes are in the forefront and pair with a lemony/limey-rind-like hop presence that takes the entire taste to a near astringent level. You can pick up some floral-like flavours from the hops too. Malt flavours of coffee, plump raisins, prune/plum, bitter chocolate and faint smoke beckon to balance a foundation of bitterness, both roasted malt and hops. Nice rounded background sweetness. The finish on this stout contains notes of smoke and a roasted/sweet feel on the palate.

"Notes: I've had quite a few Imperial Stouts in my day, each attempting to dethrone the other. In my opinion, Samuel Smith's might not be the most powerful in alcohol, or as assertive as others, but it is the king. All yield and recognize the truth." —Todd Alström, BeerAdvocate
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