Locations WA 4 Red

Locations WA 4 Red United States  Washington Red Wine  Red Blend
Product ID: 26416
Region: United States, Washington
Type: Red Wine, Red Blend
Size: 750ml
ABV%: 15.0
GTIN: 416000336108
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"Locations is a simple concept made complicated that ultimately became a great deal of fun. The Simple: Make the best possible wine from a given country or location. The Complex: Going out and tracking down the vineyards which are capable of delivering the quality of wine needed. The Fun: Travelling the world to visit incredible sites and meet amazing people that challenge each other to make the best wine possible." —winemaker

Wine Anthology review:
WA-4 is the 2014 "vintage" of Locations' Washington project, gathering fruit from carefully selected vineyards all over Washington state and combining them into one amazing result. It is made from 2014 fruit but not eligible to be labeled as such since it does not conform to normal US labeling regulations. What you get in the bottle is a bit of a mystery, which in this age of information overload is actually quite refreshing! WA-4 is very much in the Dave Phinney style of full-bodied, bold, muscular reds, performing an impressive balancing act of ripe blackberry and blackcurrant with Asian five-spice and underbrush.
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Henschke Henry's Seven Red 2014

Henschke Henry's Seven Red 2014 Australia  Southern  Barossa Valley Red Wine  Red Blend
Product ID: 30961
Region: Australia, Southern, Barossa Valley
Type: Red Wine, Red Blend
Vintage: 2014
Size: 750ml

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