Dansk Mjod Ribe Mead

Dansk Mjod Ribe Mead Denmark Mead
Product ID: 26709
Region: Denmark
Type: Mead
Size: 750ml
ABV%: 19.0
GTIN: 5703162007010
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"Ribe Mjod is brewed in celebration of Scandinavia's oldest town – Ribe, 1,300 years! The recipe is prepared in cooperation with Ribe Viking Centre. Ribe Mjod is a dessert honey wine that can be enjoyed cooled or at room temperature. Ribe Mjod ages well. There may be some natural yeast sediments on the bottom. Same honey base as Viking Blod/Klapojster Mjod/GI Dansk/Vikingernes with the addition of fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized apple juice (local apples) added to the mix of honey and water. After that it is then transferred to the fermentation tank and fermented around 6 weeks. Then transferred to maturation tank to which hops (as bitter = balancing agent) are added (same process as with Viking Blod/Klapojster Mjod/GI Dansk Mjod/Vikingernes Mjod). It is then racked for a second time for about 10 days." —winemaker
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