Churchill's Port Experience 3-Bottle Tasting Set

Churchill's Port Experience 3-Bottle Tasting Set Portugal  Douro  Porto Port Wine  Red Wine  Red Blend  Dessert / Fortified
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Region: Portugal, Douro, Porto
Type: Red Wine, Red Blend, Port Wine, Dessert / Fortified
Size: 187ml
ABV%: 19.5-20.0
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Set includes one bottle each of 187 mL Churchill's 10-Year-Old Tawny Port, Churchill's Dry White Port, and Churchill's Reserve Port.

"Enjoy the Churchill's port experience and relish a tasting session of our wines as if in our working tasting room; immerse yourself in a universe of unique aromas and flavours." —winemaker

Churchill's 10-Year-Old Tawny Port
"Churchill's 10 Year Old Tawny starts its life like young Vintage Port. Although fully aged in wood, it still retains the freshness of youth, which is reflected in its darker brick red colour and lively finish." —winemaker

Churchill's Dry White Port
"A vibrant golden colour with grated nutmeg and eucalyptus on the nose. On the palate it is fresh and complex with a long peppery finish. This Dry White Port is the deliciously different aperitif to enjoy before lunch or dinner and a perfect partner for smoked salmon, olives, roasted almonds, and cheese biscuits." —winemaker

Churchill's Reserve Port

"Reserve Port is a house blend of premium wines produced from the same top grade 'A' vineyards from which Churchill's vintage ports are sourced. Reserve Port retains the structure and fresh fruit of a young vintage but has been softened by its age in wood and filtration prior to bottling. Reserve Port has a bright, full ruby colour with violet tones. On the nose, very distinctive with fresh blueberries and hints of eucalyptus and gum cistus; a very vibrant young Port with plenty of natural acidity but also balance and pedigree denoting its grade 'A' vineyard origins." —winemaker
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