Ommegang Soothsayer Belgian-Style Dark Ale

Ommegang Soothsayer Belgian-Style Dark Ale United States  New York Belgian Ale  Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Product ID: 27187
Region: United States, New York
Type: Belgian Ale, Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Size: 25.4oz
ABV%: 8.9
GTIN: 649440929849

"The Soothsayer sees in the shadows a glass of black vision, indeed. A dark future that’s all in the making. Tempting good folks to share in the deed. What he sees is the old way of brewing with no spices, no voodoo, no spells. Just the grains and the yeast and the ancient black art. Can’t you feel how it darkly compels? With Soothsayer, we forgo any spicing to explore the art of dark brewing. Simple grains and Ommegang yeast alone portend notes of licorice, coffee and chocolate under a thick tan head." —brewer
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