Dozortsev Collection Alazanis Valley Red

Dozortsev Collection Alazanis Valley Red  Georgia  Kakheti Red Wine  Red Blend  Semi-Sweet Red Wine
Product ID: 13848
Region: Georgia, Kakheti
Varietal: Saperavi, Ojaleshi, Mujuretuli, Alexandrouli
Type: Red Wine, Semi-Sweet Red Wine, Red Blend
Size: 750ml
ABV%: 11.5
GTIN: 601739411121
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"Alazanis Valley Red is a semi-sweet red wine made from a perfect blend of Saperavi, Alexandrouli, Mujuretuli, Ojaleshi, and other red grape varieties cultivated deep in the valleys of the Kakheti region of the Republic of Georgia. The wine is produced in the old traditional method, without the use of modern technologies. This wine, whose colour ranges from light-red to red, has a pleasant fresh bouquet and a harmonious velvety taste. It exibits a complex, fruity flavor which complements not only meats but is delicious as a dessert wine." —winemaker
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Attributes Meat Cheese Other
Saperavibeef stew, game, hamburgers, lamb, salami or venisonManchego, Chasel Blue or IbericoGoulash, roasted peppers or Shepherd's Pie
Semi-Sweet Red Winebeef, lamb or venisonStilton, Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Beenleigh Bluechocolate, Chinese food, Thai food or fruit