902 Brewing P.A.T.H. Pale Ale

902 Brewing P.A.T.H. Pale Ale United States  New Jersey American Pale Ale
Product ID: 27543
Region: United States, New Jersey
Type: American Pale Ale
Size: 22oz
IBU: 30-45
ABV%: 5.0-6.0
GTIN: 866719000126

"The pale ale is a lighter, refreshing, full bodied session beer. Session beer: one who retains the flavorful taste of a craft beer, but allows you to enjoy a few without seeing double. It is a light copper color, has a crisp, flavorful taste, an alcohol content between 5-6%, and an International Bitterness Unit (IBU) between 30-45. Whether you're taking a break from surfing or putting some time in at the mountain lodge, this beer just works." —brewer
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