Soalheiro Alvarinho 2015

Soalheiro Alvarinho 2015 Portugal  Minho  Vinho Verde White Wine
Product ID: 27846
Region: Portugal, Minho, Vinho Verde
Varietal: Alvarinho
Type: White Wine
Vintage: 2015
Size: 750ml
ABV%: 12.5
GTIN: 5602640000515
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"Citrus colour, aroma revels a classic Alvarinho Soalheiro, intense and tropical with mineral notes. 2015 harvest shows great aromatic equilibrium and elegant, intense taste." —winemaker

Wine Anthology review:
Soalheiro described 2015 as "a perfect and consistent vintage" with consistently moderate temperatures that allowed the fruit to ripen at optimal pace. The 2015 Soalheiro Alvarinho is a simply gorgeous white wine that shows off its best side when allowed to open up in the glass for a short time after chilling. Refreshing, lip-smacking acidity saturates the palate while notes of ripe apricot, peach, and tropical fruit carry you through the layers of brilliant flavor. Best of all, you can drink this now or hold it for at least a decade – how many white wines at this price point can make that claim?
"The 2015 Alvarinho is unoaked and comes in at 12.5% alcohol. As fans of this classic bottling know, it is very dry, most definitely not fizzy and typically a great value. It is glorious, expressive and fresh in this vintage. In the long, proud history of this fine estate, this seems to be as good or better as any standard, unoaked Alvarinho they have produced. It is also one of the best unoaked young Alvarinhos I've had. We'll see what the future brings--it won't be an unqualified success for Soalheiro if it does not hold well for a decade or much more--but I don't think there will be any problem here in that regard. It has fine supporting acidity, a bit of what I call these days 'Soalheiro green,' and wonderful fruit. Did I mention how delicious the fruit was, nicely supported by those laser bursts of acidity? It seems very elegant in other respects, even a touch delicate on opening, but that's deceptive. Its graceful demeanor made it easy to drink at first, but some hours later it was actually more powerful and more concentrated, plus perfectly transparent. It had opened and blossomed. As it sat in the mouth, the fine tension on the finish gripped the palate and enlivened the wine. Simply put, it is intense, tightly-wound, brilliantly structured and very concentrated. Since this is a Vinho Verde, the price point makes it a rather stunning value, too. I had the pleasure of tasting this not too long after it was bottled, but don't let that be a concern. This should hold well. Back up the truck. Grab them before they sit and bake on retailer shelves and delivery trucks over the summer. Store them properly. This will be fine for the foreseeable future. Sourced from vines averaging 25 years in age, there were 90,000 bottles produced." —Mark Squires, The Wine Advocate
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