Villa Jolanda Moscato & Pineapple

Villa Jolanda Moscato & Pineapple Italy White Wine  Dessert / Fortified  Sparkling Wine
Product ID: 28338
Region: Italy
Varietal: Moscato
Type: White Wine, Sparkling Wine, Dessert / Fortified
Size: 750ml
ABV%: 6.5
GTIN: 015643257926
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"Brilliant, straw-yellow in color. Pineapple flavored with a sweetness on the palate. Perfect with dessert and especially with pastries." —importer
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Attributes Meat Cheese Other
Sparkling Winesalmon, shellfish, shrimp, smoked meatsBrie, GoudaAsian dishes, buttery cookies, cream sauces, stuffed mushrooms