Boulevard Rye-on-Rye X Sazerac Cocktail 2016

Boulevard Rye-on-Rye X Sazerac Cocktail 2016 United States  Missouri Rye Beer
Product ID: 28630
Region: United States, Missouri
Type: Rye Beer
Size: 25.4oz
IBU: 29
ABV%: 11.8
GTIN: 00286305
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"Inspired by the success of our "X" series of special Imperial Stout releases, we've embarked on a journey to the outer reaches of our popular Rye-on-Rye. For this Rye-on-Rye release, we drew inspiration from the famous New Orleans cocktail, the Sazerac. The official recipe is composed of rye whiskey, absinthe or Herbsaint, a sugar cube and bitters all garnished with a lemon peel. To translate this classic cocktail into a beer, we brewed batches of the base rye beer that received spice additions mimicking bitters as well as lemon peel during the boil. The resulting wort was fermented with our house Scottish ale yeast before being aged in freshly emptied Templeton Rye barrels." —brewer
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