Stone 02.02.02 Vertical Epic Ale

Stone 02.02.02 Vertical Epic Ale United States  California Witbier
Product ID: 28968
Region: United States, California
Type: Witbier
Size: 22oz
ABV%: 7.5
GTIN: 00289689
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"What about Stone Vertical Epic Ale 01.01.01? Well, there are two reasons for its non-existence: (1) We didn't want to participate in the whole overhyped media nonsense of "Millennium this" and "Millennium that," and (2) we didn't think of the Stone Vertical Epic Ale idea until the fall of 2001 (which was already too late for a 01.01.01 version.) Sure, we could wait until the year 3001 to start this series, but we were afraid that with all that time between now and the next millennium, we might forget. Besides, that millennium will probably be overhyped as much as the last one." —brewer
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