Flying Fish Pescado Dorado

Flying Fish Pescado Dorado United States  New Jersey Belgian Ale  Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Product ID: 28985
Region: United States, New Jersey
Type: Belgian Ale, Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Size: 25.4oz
IBU: 13
ABV%: 8.0
GTIN: 611250401044
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"Take a great Belgian-style golden ale, infuse it with apricot and saffron and then age it in fresh oak barrels that had been holding 100% agave tequila and you have Pescado Dorado. This edition is limited to 300 cases and is available only in New Jersey. Dorado features a bright golden color with a fine, off-white head. The apricot-forward nose, followed by agave, oak and floral notes gives way to mild pear and melon flavors in the finish." —brewer
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