Calamares Vinho Verde

Calamares Vinho Verde Portugal  Minho  Vinho Verde White Wine  White Blend
Product ID: 29712
Region: Portugal, Minho, Vinho Verde
Varietal: Loureiro, Alvarinho
Type: White Wine, White Blend
Size: 750ml
ABV%: 12.0
GTIN: 851066003340
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"Calamares comes from the heart of the "Vinho Verde" wine region from a single estate of the "Quinta da Devesa." The name "Calamares" was developed to create an association with the unpretentious and relaxed nature of the region and its wines. It is closely tied with the local cuisine and lifestyle. The wines are young with high acidity and moderate alcohol, and are meant to be enjoyed at any occasion. Crisp and refreshing, this white is the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of seafood, salads, mild cheeses, or simply on its own." —importer
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Attributes Meat Cheese Other
Alvarinhoham, oysters, lean shellfish, veal, simple chicken dishes, lobster or fowlgoat cheese, harder sheep's milk cheesesgarlic