Virginia Cocktail Peanuts Gift Bundle

Virginia Cocktail Peanuts Gift Bundle United States Peanuts
Product ID: 29610
Region: United States
Type: Peanuts
Size: 10OZ
GTIN: 00296108

Set includes 1 tin each of 10 oz Virginia Cocktail Dark Chocolate Peanuts, 10 oz Sea Salt Peanuts, and 10 oz Toffee Peanuts.

Virginia Cocktail Dark Chocolate Peanuts
Indulge with fabulous dark chocolate peanuts... our black label with the gold botanical. Dark chocolate is very high in anti-oxidants...go ahead, eliminate those free radicals!

Virginia Cocktail Sea Salt Peanuts
Our Appalachian Mountain Sea Salt is the perfect compliment for the Virginia peanut. This salt is harvested from an ancient sea, deep below the Appalachian Mountains. High minerality in this salt gives it a terrific flavor. A great gift for men! Healthy, too!

Virginia Cocktail Toffee Peanuts
Rich, buttery toffee surrounds our sea salt peanut cluster. This morsel is crisp and crumbly
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