Graham's Six Grapes Reserve Porto

Graham's Six Grapes Reserve Porto  Portugal  Douro Port Wine  Dessert / Fortified
Product ID: 15440
Region: Portugal, Douro
Type: Port Wine, Dessert / Fortified
Size: 750ml
ABV%: 19.5
GTIN: 094799010043
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Six Grapes Reserve is one of Graham’s original Port blends. The distinctive depiction
of grapes on the label has always been used on the barrels to identify the “Six
Grapes” blend. Only grapes from first-class vineyards are used for this mark. Six
Grapes is a true expression of Graham’s house style with great richness and
Six Grapes is a big hearted wine. It is fruity and robust and of superb quality. It is
blended to be as similar as possible to a young Vintage Port. It has often been
referred to as “the everyday Port for the Vintage Port drinker”.
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