Tiamo Prosecco

Tiamo Prosecco Italy  Veneto Organic Wine  White Wine  Sparkling Wine
Product ID: 16514
Region: Italy, Veneto
Varietal: Prosecco
Type: Organic Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine
Size: 750ml
ABV%: 11.0
GTIN: 839552000394
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"Ciao! Tiamo means 'I love you.' So naturally we couldn't resist sharing with you this sparkling Prosecco, made with organic grapes from hillside vineyards in the northeast of Italy. Fresh and rich fruity aromas of apple and pear with a hint of citrus fruit that fade into the floral bouquet. The Tiamo Prosecco pairs well with lighter cuisine food, especially fish/shellfish and softer cheeses. It's an ideal apéritif and with any appetizer. It is also an excellent base for cocktails — such as the Bellini or Mimosa." —winemaker

Certified organic by Bios Srl
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Attributes Meat Cheese Other
Sparkling Winesalmon, shellfish, shrimp, smoked meatsBrie, GoudaAsian dishes, buttery cookies, cream sauces, stuffed mushrooms
Proseccochicken, lobster, caviar or oystersBlue cheese, Creme Fraiche, Marscapone, Teleggio or Chasel Bluelight butter sauces