DeLeon Diamante (Silver) Tequila

DeLeon Diamante (Silver) Tequila  Mexico Tequila  Blanco
Product ID: 17820
Region: Mexico
Type: Tequila, Blanco
Size: 750ml
ABV%: 40.0
GTIN: 898017002007
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"DeLeon's exceptionally elegant and flavorful Blanco was given its own name by the locals as a testament to its superiority. They call it Diamante. While sipping silver tequila is unheard of, with DeLeon, it has become the benchmark. We recommend the Diamante's smooth taste be savored neat, on the rocks, or as the perfect base for the highest quality cocktails. The DeLeon Diamante is the world's most versatile spirit.

"The Bottle: The uniquely square and unusually heavy bottle, was created by one of the finest glassmakers in the world. The family's trademark DL is subtly sandblasted on the front as to not draw attention away from the perfection that rests inside.

"The Rock: The master, used to create the stunningly beautiful metal top, was hand-carved from a one-pound ball of sterling silver by famed rock and roll jewelry designer Bill Wall and remain the most familiar iconic identifier of the brand." -producer
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