Van Steenberge Piraat Ale

Van Steenberge Piraat Ale Belgium IPA  Belgian IPA
Product ID: 20334
Region: Belgium
Type: IPA, Belgian IPA
Size: 25.4oz
ABV%: 10.5
GTIN: 710168003026
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"Piraat is re-fermented in the bottle! It is a living beer! In the 17th and 18th centuries, ales like Piraat were highly prized and sought after by seafaring pirates and their captains. A pint a day was the ration passed down by the captain to his crew. Piraat has a well-rounded body and a wickedly rich flavour. The powerful glow builds from the inside with a deep golden hue and soft haze. With aggressive amounts of hops and malts, a mild sweetness is coupled with colorful aromas of fresh bread, spices, and tropical fruits for a complex taste any 'pirate' would enjoy!" —importer
"Certainly a beer, in modern times, that was ahead of its time stylistically speaking and was created more on tradition rather than trend. Carefully decanted, it shows off a glowing bright golden color and a thick, sticky white mass for the head. Yeasty, hoppy aromas of ripe fruit, chalky yeast, faint mint, wildflowers, orange peel, and cooked breakfast cereal. Smooth and creamy with a bitty medium body. The bitterness is there, but lands with a modest stance; perhaps a decade or longer ago this would have been considered bitter, but tame comes to mind, which is fine as it follows the path of the English IPA. Love the dry malt foundation as the mild tropical fruitiness plays off of it. A little biscuity middle to end and, without a doubt, finishes dry with a late entrance of warming alcohol.

"Only a sipper after the first few swigs, the alcohol creeps up and lets you know it is 10.5 percent. Complexities don't follow the same path and some flavors are pulled to their ends. All in all, still a very tasty treat." —BeerAdvocate Magazine
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