Riedel Swirl + Gift (4 Glasses with Decanter)

Riedel Swirl + Gift (4 Glasses with Decanter)  Glassware and Decanters  Riedel  Riedel Swirl
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"The Swirl collection embraces the same carefree, relaxed attitude as Riedel's 'O' series which pioneered the casual wine glass category when they were introduced in 2004. Wine-friendly with everyday appeal and named for the ease with which it allows you to swirl your wine, the Swirl collection offers a rippled shape with subtle grooves that help guide the wine around and around the vessel. This gift pack includes 4 Swirl red wine glasses plus a free gift of a Swirl decanter." —manufacturer
  • Glasses: 4.75" tall, holds 20.5 fl oz
  • Decanter: 9.5" tall, holds 49.9 fl oz
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