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Pernod Aniset

"In 1805, Henri-Louis PERNOD first created what became the most celebrated spirit on the café terraces of 19th century Paris. The secret of PERNOD's unique taste is well guarded, its flavour being derived from a distillation of star anise with aromatic plants and herbs. Pernod, as a spirit full of character, creates a unique long drink experience by adding its originality to the mixer of your choice." -producer
$37.99 $35.95 (Save $2.04)

Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany (Rectified Spirit)

"This extraordinarily strong spirit needs to be treated with respect. It is questionable whether the human body is meant to digest such strong substances. Being effectively pure ethyl-alcohol, it is more commonly used in cooking, in the preparation of fruit and herb tinctures, for medicinal purposes, or by home perfume makers. At any rate, the premium price of this Pure Spirit goes some way to ensure it is used sparingly and thoughtfully. Drunk diluted and chilled, it traditionally makes a fine accompaniment to fish dishes." —producer
$21.99 $19.95 (Save $2.04)