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Amarguinha Almond Liqueur

"Amarguinha Portuguese almond liqueur leaves a distinct haze of almondy sweetness on your tongue. Like a spoonful of sugar, it helps the meal go down." —producer
$15.49 $12.95 (Save $2.54)

C. R. & F. 1920 Brandy

"Blended from the best wine brandies and spirits, 1920 is one of the oldest and finest labels od C.R.F. It has a golden color, smooth taste and subtle flavor. Dark golden colour. It has a very smooth taste with a touch of vanilla and a slight wooded aroma" -Producer

C. R. & F. Aguardente Velha Reserva

"CRF is an aged reserve aguardente (brandy). It is a leader among the best Portuguese brandies in this category. This brandy has been made using the same recipe since it was first produced in 1895. It is aged in oak barrels that give it a dark topaz colour with an intense and complex aroma. Very smooth and persistent." —producer