Tequila Don Julio

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Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila

"Celebrated in exclusive cocktail bars, restaurants and nightclubs, the iconic Don Julio 1942 Tequila is the choice of connoisseurs around the globe. Produced in small batches and aged for a minimum of two and a half years, Don Julio 1942 Tequila is handcrafted in tribute to the year that Don Julio González began his tequila-making journey." —producer
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Don Julio 70 Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Anejo Claro Tequila

"Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro Tequila is the culmination of 70 years of knowledge, expertise and innovation that brings the smoothness of a Blanco and the complexity of an Añejo together for a totally unique tequila experience. Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro Tequila is aged eighteen months in American white-oak barrels and then carefully filtered to bring out its crisp agave flavor." —producer
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Don Julio Anejo Tequila

"Color: Light amber
Nose: This alluringly fragrant, aged tequila has a fresh blend of lime, grapefruit and mandarin citrus aromas with a rich touch of caramel
Taste: Wonderfully complex with expressions of cooked agave and wild honey. Notes of cherries and strawberries with vanilla and oaky butterscotch. Distinctively full-bodied with astonishing depth of character
Finish: Bright and lightly spiced finish with the essence of wild honey in the background for a rewarding long finale" -producer
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Don Julio Blanco Tequila

"Color: Clear
Nose: Crisp Agave aromas blended with hints of fresh citrus notes – lemon, lime and grapefruit
Taste: A lightly sweet and incredibly pure agave flavor immediately excites the palate and rounds out for a smooth and lush Blanco tequila of unrivalled excellence
Finish: Clean and fresh complemented by a touch of black pepper and grassy undertones" -producer
$49.99 $44.99 (Save $5.00)

Don Julio Blanco Tequila

"Using the finest raw agave and a time honored distillation process, Don Julio Blanco Tequila is tequila in its truest form. Don Julio Blanco Tequila is the base from which all of our other variants are derived. Commonly referred to as 'silver' tequila, its crisp agave flavor and hints of citrus make it an essential component to a variety of innovative drinks including margaritas. It can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks." —producer
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Don Julio Real Extra Anejo Tequila

"For the ultimate tequila experience, sip it neat in a specialized tequila glass. Don Julio Real is produced from a highly selective batch of only the best estate-grown agave and its second distillation is in a special still known as Pot Still 6, which refines the flavors even further. Exhibits a majestic golden hue. Rich, sweet aromas of caramel and toffee layered with a fresh vanilla fragrance and hints of red fruits like cherry mixed with caramel and almonds. Chocolate tones along with cinnamon and a light touch of wood. Attractive dry fruit flavors, cooked agave, and peach are the first flavors perceived. Enticing vanilla flavors layered with caramel, chocolate, and coffee undertones and a slight herbal essence create a refined, yet unforgettable sensation. Sweetly seductive finish with lingering vanilla impressions and a hint of oak for a warm, sensuous finish." —producer
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