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  • Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Cavit Pinot Grigio

"The principal source of grapes for Cavit Pinot Grigio is Trentino's Adige River Valley. This area is ideal for vineyard cultivation due to its exceptional soil and climatic conditions, and is recognized for the spectacular natural beauty of the Dolomite Alps that form its backdrop. With its crisp, light character, bright straw gold color and appealing scents and fruit flavors, it's no wonder Cavit is America's favorite Pinot Grigio." -winemaker
$11.99 $8.99 (Save $3.00)

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio

"This wine has a clear, straw yellow color, with light golden reflections. A low concentration of mature grapes gives the wine tropical fruit notes that make the vintage truly unique. The wine possesses pleasant floral and tropical fruit aromas, and has a light, crisp, clean and refreshing flavor, with fruit character and refined elegance." -winemaker
$13.99 $9.99 (Save $4.00)

Tenuta Luisa Friulano 2018

"Friulano DOC is a very special wine, a splendid example of a wine-growing young and daring, capable of producing bottles really intriguing. This Friulano DOC produced by Tenuta Luisa is a wine full of character and typical of the areas where it is produced."
$22.75 $16.89 (Save $5.86)