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  • Region: Veneto

Allegrini Palazzo della Torre Red 2014

"The vineyard surrounds Villa della Torre, a splendid masterpiece of Renaissance architecture now owned by the family, and produces a full-bodied red wine that has an ageing potential of at least ten years. The blend is the historic combination of Corvina and Rondinella with the addition of a small quantity of Sangiovese." -Winemaker
$28.99 $18.99 (Save $10.00)

Allegrini Valpolicella 2017

"Ruby red in color, with purplish-blue highlights, this wine offers up classic qualities of Corvina, the historic grape variety of the appellation. The fragrant nose is filled with red fruit and aromatic herbs, and the wine's flavors echo the nose, led by prominent notes of cherries with fresh hints of pepper and more herbs. This young wine is distinctly lively and playful on the palate, while maintaining great elegance and finesse." —winemaker

Blend: 65% Corvina Veronese, 30% Rondinella, 5% Molinara
$23.99 $14.99 (Save $9.00)

Bellissima Zero Sugar Sparkling Wine

" Bellissima Sparkling Zero Sugar is a leaving our organic Glera grapes in autoclave for 7 months, we achieve a fresh sparkling wine with zero sugars or artificial flavors. Perfectly balanced and pleasantly acidic, it is velvety and dry, with hints of white flowers and grapefruit." -Winemaker
$24.99 $15.95 (Save $9.04)

Bisol Desiderio Jeio Prosecco Brut

"The color is a light straw yellow. The nose is fruity and fresh The taste is sapid and elegant. Due to the 'brut' personality, this wine makes an ideal accompaniment for the entire complement of cocktail sandwiches and elaborate canapes. Excellent for reception and cocktail parties." —winemaker
$14.99 $11.95 (Save $3.04)

Bottega Prosecco Gold

"Brilliant appearance, with a rich and persistent foam and fine perlage. Pale straw yellow color. Clear, characteristic, fruity and flowery bouquet with scents of Golden apple, Williams pear, acacia flowers and lily of the valley. Quite tasty, harmonious, elegant and fresh." —winemaker
$45.99 $31.99 (Save $14.00)

Botter Prosecco

"Each bottle is sealed with a cork similar to that used for still wine, and reinforced by a string (spago in Italian) that has been tied by hand. Light in bubbles and off-dry with apple, grapefruit and honey flavors." —winemaker
$14.99 $11.49 (Save $3.50)

Brillo Prosecco

""Diamonds are a girl's best friend" sang Marylin Monroe in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). It's been 50 years now and that little piece of carbon still represents the forbidden dream of many women and men around the world. White, black or fancy... does not matter... what really counts is that it is big and shining. What joins all genders and ages in the new millennium is the desire to have fun, to live, to escape ...and what more than a glittering, sparkling, shining object can convey the idea of celebration? Here then comes BRILLO Prosecco..." —winemaker
$15.99 $12.99 (Save $3.00)

Ca' Donini Cabernet Sauvignon

"A deep, ruby red color and black berry-like nose with intense, aromas of woodland fruit, and typical Cabernet Sauvignon character lead to a dry, soft, well-rounded palate with a flavor of ripe cherries and raspberries and pleasant tannins." —importer
$7.99 $5.99 (Save $2.00)

Ca' Donini Chardonnay

"Straw yellow in color, this Chardonnay has a perfumed, clean, harmonious nose with hints of golden apples. It is dry, fruity and well balanced with a crisp finish." —importer
$7.99 $5.99 (Save $2.00)

Ca' Donini Merlot

"Ca' Donini Merlot has a deep, ruby red color with berry-like aromas and an intense, smooth Merlot character that plays out in the palate with its soft, well-rounded mouthfeel." —importer
$7.99 $5.99 (Save $2.00)

Ca' Donini Pinot Grigio

"The grapes come from selected vineyard parcels in Trentino and the Veneto, situated along the Adige valley, on very stony and well-drained alluvial soils, at around 200 meters elevation. The vines are pergola semplice trained with a southern exposition, and yields are kept below six tons per acre to encourage depth and complexity. This delicious Pinot Grigio is full of flavor with bright notes of honey, apple and wildflowers. It is fresh, clean and lively with a pleasing, lingering aftertaste of ripe pears. Donini Pinot Grigio is an unbeatable value that exceeds expectations." —winemaker
$7.99 $5.99 (Save $2.00)

Canella Bellini Prosecco

"The Bellini cocktail is composed of two parts sparkling wine, one part white peach juice and pulp from select, perfectly ripe peaches and a few drops of wild raspberry. Its natural ingredients are grown in the Venetian countryside; the delicate white peaches are handpicked when fruit is perfectly ripe, so as to maximize concentration of sugar and aromas. A classic aperitif, its inebriating peach fragrance is best enjoyed quite cool, even slightly chilled. Ideally, do not store the bottle too long, in order to enjoy its peachy freshness to the full." —winemaker
$14.49 $10.99 (Save $3.50)