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A.J. Adam Dhroner Hofberg Riesling Kabinett 2018

"The Grand Cru Hofberg is one of the greatest Mosel vineyards. In 1868 the vineyards of this hill were classified by the Prussians as an extraordinary place to make great Rieslings. The main part of the vineyards are situated on the Mosel river, but not the Hofberg. It's a lovely quiet side-valley on the Dhron river with weathered Devonian slate in mixture with quartzite. Riesling vines are today 30 to 65 years old and some are still ungrafted." —importer
$27.99 $21.49 (Save $6.50)

Cupcake Pfalz Riesling

"We voyaged to the Mosel river valley to craft a Riesling with a unique slate minerality and creamy mid-palate. This Riesling has hints of ripe honeydew lemon chiffon and a broad palate with a touch of zing before finishing with length. It's reminiscent of a lemon cream cupcake. Enjoy with grilled halibut, Indian butter chicken, or simply as an aperitif." —winemaker
$14.59 $8.99 (Save $5.60)

Dr. H. Thanisch Muller-Burggraef Bernkasteller Badstube Riesling Kabinett 2017

"This wine shows a pronounced bouquet of very ripe red and yellow fruits, with exotic and slightly spicy notes, with well-integrated acidity. The slatey minerality so typical of the Mosel adds further complexity." —importer
$25.49 $19.99 (Save $5.50)

Dr. Loosen Blue Slate Riesling Kabinett 2017

"This estate-grown Riesling Kabinett showcases the mineral-driven style of the steep, blue slate vineyards in the middle Mosel. It comes from parcels owned by Dr. Loosen in the villages of Bernkastel, Graach and Wehlen, where the soil is pure blue slate. It is bright and vibrant with the classic white peach fruit and floral, flinty minerality that is so typical of this terroir." —winemaker
$22.99 $15.89 (Save $7.10)

Fritz Windisch Bechtheimer Pilgerpfad Kerner Auslese 2016

"The wine is fine, fruity, and rich in body. It's a play between fruit, bouquet, body, sweetness and zest and it has a longevity which you only find very rarely in wines like this one." —winemaker
$15.99 $10.99 (Save $5.00)

Fritz Windisch Dornfelder 2017

"A very tasty, powerful wine of pronounced aroma and rich dark red color. It has a delicious flavor of cherries, red berries and plums with decent, smooth tannins. Its sweetness is pleasant and harmonic, which makes it enjoyable for lovers of not too dry wines." —winemaker
$12.49 $9.99 (Save $2.50)

Gunderloch Jean-Baptiste Riesling Kabinett 2017

"Aromas of juicy peach, pear, raspberry and lime with a sprinkling of dried herbs. On the palate one finds grapefruit, tangerine, lime and white pepper. The wine is well-proportioned with a long minerally texture finishing with lime and almond paste." —winemaker
$20.49 $15.59 (Save $4.90)

Josef Spreitzer Oestricher Doosberg 'Alte Reben' Riesling Trocken 2017

"Aromas of Sanguine de Savoie peach, vividly fragrant. Enormously succulent on the palate, elegant with complex structure. Rich, powerful and concentrated, yet not too high in alcohol." —winemaker
$31.99 $24.25 (Save $7.74)

Loosen Bros. Dr. L Riesling 2017

"This entry-level Dr. Loosen Riesling embodies the elegant and racy characteristics of steep, slate-soil Mosel vineyards at a very reasonable price. It is a bright, vibrant, fruit-driven wine made with grapes from contracted growers throughout the Mosel River valley who work very closely with brothers Ernst and Thomas Loosen to achieve excellent quality and superb concentration in every vintage." —winemaker
$15.99 $11.99 (Save $4.00)

Monchhof Robert Eymael Mosel Riesling 2015

"Grown on all iron-infused Devon Slate, this wine tastes like biting into a ripe white peach, juicy, rich, creamy and sweet, with a full aroma. The wine offers great minerality and beautiful acidity to balance the sweetness. Most of the fruit comes from the famous grand cru vineyard site 'Würzgarten' (spice garden) in the village of Ürzig, which gives the wine its spicy profile." —importer
$18.99 $13.87 (Save $5.12)

Schmitt Sohne Gluhwein

"Glühwein is a seasonal spiced winter drink when it is really cold outside. As it has to be enjoyed hot and the alcohol is between 9-10% by vol., you can count on it to warm your body from head to toe. This spicy red wine is a standard at German Christmas markets." —winemaker
$11.99 $7.99 (Save $4.00)

Schmitt Sohne Relax

"This fine Riesling wine offers an extraordinary premium wine quality. With forward fruit and floral aromas of apples and peaches with just a hint of citrus, the wine’s natural acidity gives it a perfect balance that is refreshingly crisp and leaves your mouth watering." -winemaker
$13.99 $8.99 (Save $5.00)