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  • Size: 250ML

Apothic Red 250ml Aluminum Bottle

$7.99 $5.49 (Save $2.50)

Babe Red with Bubbles (4 x 250ml)

$19.99 $13.99 (Save $6.00)

Babe Rose with Bubbles (4 x 250ml)

"Babe is a light sparkling rosé that is built for summer with notes of honeydew and cantaloupe and earthy undercurrents. It's viscous and rich enough to enjoy with fried foods, pizza, grilled chicken, grilled fish (perfect for a salad nicoise), burgers and hot dogs." —winemaker
$19.99 $13.99 (Save $6.00)

Francis Coppola Sauvignon Blanc (4 x 250ml cans)

"Our canned Diamond Collection Sauvignon Blanc is a bright wine with a vibrant intensity and body enhanced by a natural acidity and crispness perfect for a summer’s day." —winemaker
$24.99 $15.99 (Save $9.00)

Prophecy Pinot Noir 250ml Can

$8.29 $5.29 (Save $3.00)

Prophecy Rose 250ml Can

$8.29 $5.29 (Save $3.00)

Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc 250ml Can

$8.29 $5.29 (Save $3.00)

Ruby Red Rose Grapefruit (4 x 250ml cans)

"The pale pink hue of the wine reminds us of Provence wines, very fashionable and yummy! The association of the pomelo vivacity and the wine crispness gives a feeling of freshness and refinement. An explosion of fruits with an elegant touch of sweetness." —importer
$13.99 $10.99 (Save $3.00)